Chromebook Review: Battery Life pt. 2

I eventually ran out of battery on Sunday evening, and charged it with my MacBook Pro USB-C charger. The computer told me it would take about 1 hour and 35 minutes to charge to full, but I found I got to 100% closer to 2 hours. Still, not too bad. (I did do some work at about the 90% mark, so that may have slowed it down a bit.)

Monday morning I sat at 100%; I’ll be seeing how far I can go with it fully charged.

In the morning, I attended a meeting where we used a lot of Google apps, and I spend most of my time on my Chromebook. When I left the meeting, I was around 75% battery. Not too shabby. I went back to work at school and used the Chromebook for most of the afternoon doing attendance, creating/modifying lesson plans, and showing students their assignments. I also did a small bit of Google Casting of my screen onto the smartboard.  As I write this, it is now nearly 7:45pm, and I’m sitting at 42% battery. Very good. I’m suspecting that, perhaps, I can almost squeeze two days of light use out of this. I’ll keep from powering it up again and see how far I can go tomorrow.

My colleague, @MrFiliplic is also keeping track of his Chromebook use, and as luck has it, also recently posted about his battery life. Check him out here for more insightful words.


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