Day 4 with Chromebook: Steady as She Goes

First up: I need a name for this machine. My Macbooks and iPhones have always been named, and I need to continue the tradition. @MrFiliplic is calling his CB, but I need something with flair. Pizazz. Sparkle.

Anyway, today I did normal stuff with the Chromebook. Lesson plans were created Sunday night using Google Docs (along with learning to create a Table of Contents with it), and I updated them yesterday and today. Worked pretty well. Used the tablet feature to take attendance and explain some work today, and that all went well.

In terms of the tablet feature, it works pretty easily, but I find the screen has a tendency to rotate and swap orientations. I’m sure I can lock it in a certain orientation, but I haven’t investigated yet.

We were also given a pen to go along with our machine, and as a stylus it works decently, but there’s a strange feature with it. It has a clicker at the top, and for the life of me I can’t figure out what it’s for. Of course, I’ll have to Google it, but it’s certainly not obvious or intuitive. A small problem, but still a problem for a casual user. I love playing with this stuff and I can’t seem to figure it out. Of course, it will probably turn out to be something totally easy and obvious. Figures.

For now, I’ll keep on keeping on. I’ve downloaded the new iOS11 for my iPhone, and am working on creating some videos with Apple Clips and the new screen recording feature. I’ll then try to upload them to my Google Drive and deal with the rest of it on my Chromebook.

Until next time…


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