Roadblock/Beyond My Ability

So today I tried to update the app icon image that this website puts on a phone’s home screen when you save it to an iPhone (or Android, I presume). Right now, it is a cropped image of the header of this site–sand dunes from Abu Dhabi.

But it doesn’t look professional, does it? (Try it out–save to your homescreen!)

To fix it, I went online (using my Chromebook) to search for app icon creators that are free and work in-browser. I found a few, tried them out, but they were terrible. So I searched a bit more, and kept seeing the same thing: it should be done in Adobe Illustrator.

I’ve got Illustrator on my Mac, but I’ve never played with it. I’m not a designer or very artistic that way, so it’s unexplored country. Still–I was at a roadblock. To get what I needed, professionally, I had to use a full OS beyond ChromeOS. So I opened up my Mac, after letting it lay dormant for the past week.

After exploring more, I suddenly realized another thing: what I intended to do in Illustrator is WAY beyond my comfort level and ability right now. Something else I’ll need to learn! I also know I’ll be using my Mac soon for personal music creation in LogicProX, so I’ll also be playing with Illustrator then as well. In the meantime, I’m going to push my Chromebook to try to sketch out ideas using Google Keep so that once I figure Illustrator out a little bit, I’ll have some ideas to work with.

The consensus after all of this: the Chromebook is super useful but not enough for the heavy user, or professional. Still, it’s been pretty good all week for handling the lighter tasks. Great for a secondary device or a student. And for the price that these things cost, I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable expectation.


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