Personally Professional

Finished a full week now on the Chromebook. Overall, a pretty successful week. I’m actually really liking my lesson plan format with Google Docs, and find it more accessible and useable than I had with the PDF version I used to use. So for now this method is a keeper.

I’ve been “working” on my website, which is related to work, but also not 100% directly tied to it. I mentioned in my previous post that I was working on app icon creation. Today I stumbled upon Adobe Spark, which is all browser-based, and I used that to create an app icon that I’m pretty happy with.

Adobe Spark-2

So while this is personal, it is also professional. And totally able to be done on a Chromebook.

So at the end of week 1, my thoughts are still the same, but very happy with my progress so far. Next step for exploration for me is to start working on deeper stuff like screen casting (tried it yesterday and failed miserably), audio/video creation. Let’s see where this goes!


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