Weekend, O Weekend

We went away for Saturday and much of Sunday. I brought my Chromebook with me, along with my MacBookPro. Just in case. I ended up using my MBP, but just for checking Facebook a bit, looking for directions to the church we were visiting, and that was about it. Played some music on my iTunes. So totally didn’t need the MBP, but it was nice to use.

Didn’t touch my Chromebook until Sunday night, when I worked on lesson plans, catching up on some emails, etc. Then I had a plan. Talking to a colleague, we realized we needed a video for kids to use to help them figure out how to fill out notes packets if they just had their phone or tablet. So I took out my iPhone (6s…about a year and a half old) and worked on the video. I used the iOS 11 screen record to record my movements in and throughout apps, and then dumped that into Apple Clips to add my vocals, an intro, soundtrack, etc. Very easy to do. Took me a while because I kept messing up what I said, but not because it was hard to do.

From there, I shared the video to the colleague, posted it to two of my Google Classrooms, uploaded it to YouTube, and shared it to a third Google Classroom (one for us in Social).

Could I have done this on my Chromebook? Well, other than the iOS recording and use. I’d have to say Yes, I could have. I’m hoping–as I mentioned before–to work on that this week and create a similar video on how kids can complete notes using a Chromebook. I’m hoping it will be as easy as it was to create on my phone.

Into the week we go!


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