About 1/2 Done with the Challenge!

From what I see at @MrFiliplic, I see that we’re nearly 1/2 done with the #30DayChromeBookChallenge!  Time flies. I don’t have a lot to add beyond what he said–we’re having nearly the exact same experience. You can read about his adventures here.

Similar to Mr F, I’ve found myself barely using my desktop computer. Nearly everything that I do on that I can do on my Chromebook. The two biggest things are to run our Broadcast in the morning (which I’ve never tried on this device…worth giving it a shot even though I’m nearly 100% positive it won’t work) and for using GradeBook. As Gradebook requires a program install, I can’t run it on here. Still, it’s taken over nearly 90% of all my classroom computer use. It’s been a very versatile machine, and generally is handy.

In terms of typing a lot on it, I’m not a huge fan. My fingers don’t love the keyboard as much as my Mac, but these things are often a matter of muscle memory and personal taste. Also, if I’m fair, I’m rarely sitting properly at a table using the computer–I’m walking around with it, talking to students, at my desk, at their desk, moving, etc etc. So while, sure–that type of typing won’t be super comfortable–still, it’s a reality of teaching and if the typing isn’t comfortable in those situations, then perhaps that’s a design element that could be improved upon.

I don’t use the touchscreen too often, but I have noticed I’ve gone back to touching the screens of our desktops at the school expecting them to interact with me. So while I agree with Steve Jobs on this (“Turns out, people don’t like using a touchscreen in this way”), I also can see the usefulness of having the capability around as well. Jury’s still out on it.

I’ll keep going, and see what else I can do. Sill trying to get that video made. 🙂 Baby steps.


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