That’s All, Folks…

The #30DayChromeBookChallenge is over. Have I succeeded? Perhaps. But much like @MrFiliplic’s journey, mine was filled with fits and starts.

Everything big has already been posted elsewhere, but there’s one thing that I need to follow up on: screen recording and creation of videos. I never quite got what I wanted done (schedule and time), but I did end up experimenting a bit. Screencastify is a great Chrome extension that is generally pretty solid. However, I noticed that a website rendered differently on my Chromebook and my Windows Desktop computer at school. So, I thought, I’ll do a video of the website on my CB, save it in Drive, and then do a video on my school’s computer, and then use my Apple Clips to link them together.

Well. Screencastify didn’t work on the desktop. It got stuck in a loop of logon screens, and I never was able to turn it on. I gave up.

So that was a fail for video. I’ll keep trying, but I’m not 100% confident in a full outcome.

Conclusions at the end:

Mixed thoughts here. Again, I think @MrFiliplic said it all best, but I’ll add one big thing here. For me, it wasn’t as much the Chrome ecosystem part of the challenge that bothered me, but the hardware of the particular Chromebook I was using. Let me say it is a solid machine. Reliable, useful, etc. But compared to my MacBook Pro, it just can’t compare. So part of me feels unfair judging it on the hardware, because you CAN get $1000+ Chromebooks. I’m sure the hardware is solid and great.

But as a person who does a bit of music creation, writing, and uses pro apps for these things, the Chromebook just doesn’t live up. I use Logic Pro X for my music, and Scrivener for my writing. Apple Music for listening. These can’t be matched on any Chromebook.

So in the end, it’s a great machine, but not for me personally. Great for work–and barely limiting. For the regular teacher that’s not into big tech stuff and power apps, then I think a Chromebook comes highly recommended. They take a little getting used to and some workarounds to figure out, but overall they are pretty solid. Still, I am a long-term Mac guy, and the Chrome ecosystem isn’t quite what I get on Mac OS. Not a bad thing, just different.

It’s been a fun ride for the past month, and I know I’ll still continue to use it and explore as I learn more.

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