It’s Been a While Now, so Time for a New Challenge

Since the #30DayChromeBookChallenge ended, I can honestly say I’ve barely touched the Chromebook. For about a week or so, I still used it exclusively in school. I left it at school and used my MacBook Pro at home. It worked well. No computers to schlep around, no power cords to worry about…all was good.

But then something happened. Something big. Something life-changing.

I got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Now: a quick disclaimer. I am an Apple fan-boy. I love Apple products, and all my personal tech stuff is Apple. So I’m a little biased here.


Wow. What a joy to use this iPad Pro. Since getting the iPad, I’ve barely touched the Chromebook. Here’s a quick run-down of why:

  • I can mark–formatively or summatively–with my iPad, right from Classroom
  • I can put grades on PowerSchool with the iPad
  • I can text message (hello again, iMessage!), email with personal or work email, create music, edit video, shoot video, draw, and tweet with ease with the iPad
  • It’s a fraction of the size and weight of the Chromebook
  • It’s sexy as all get-out
  • Touch-ID!

But, you may ask, can’t you do most of those on your Chromebook? Most of them, yes. And that’s where I think I’ll take it from here, in the


What exactly can and will I do with an iPad Pro in the next month? Let’s see where I can push this device and see what corners of the educational world I can reach. Come with me!

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