So I’ve been working nearly exclusively on my iPad Pro. Simply lovely still. The big setback for the Chromebook was the inability to enter grades in our grading program, but with this and using the dedicated iOS app, I can enter and mark all at once.

In the meantime I’ve ordered a Fintie case with a detachable magnetic keyboard. The keyboard isn’t the best in the world, but it’s pretty good considering the cost (about $40 from Amazon). With the case, it can hold my Pencil and accessories, and it’s pretty handy all around. I can see why Apple’s iPadPro keyboard is so good and useful, but it just costs too much for me to be able to justify.

The cool thing about the keyboard is that it makes the computer nearly just like working on a regular computer. Sometimes, in fact, I actually forget I’m not on my Mac, and reach for the trackpad, etc. So with the keyboard, it makes the whole process pretty perfect.

So maybe what’s unfair here is that while I want/need the accessory to help complete the whole iPadPro experience, I don’t need anything extra for the Chromebook. But for now, it’s wonderful and lovely. I’ll keep letting you know how the whole thing is going.

#iPadProDecemberChallenge well on the way!

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