#iPadProDecemberChallenge Finished. Easy.

Well, that was easy.

As I stated earlier, I’ve been able to do almost all of my school work using the iPad Pro. The work that I didn’t do with it was more into the realm of stuff I needed for Broadcast–video editing, compiling, saving and sharing, moving files to the TriCaster for our Broadcast sessions. Even then, 90% of that could have been done in iMovie, but I wanted to use an app with more features, so I turned to my MacBook Pro for Final Cut Pro X. Even then, getting the stuff to the TriCaster required using a flash drive, which is a bit more dicey with an iPad.

Is there a learning curve?

Depends. I’ve used iOS devices for since 2009, so I’m used to the ecosystem and how to think through a problem and solution. That being said, I do think the learning curve is no more or less than that of the Chromebook. You just have to poke around and try things until you find something that works for you.

For me, this works. I love it, and I enjoy using it, even when doing “work”. That’s a good sign to me. Tech is cool and interesting and everything, but I think that unless you like it, unless you enjoy working with that particular piece of tech, it’s not worth it. For you, if you love working with the Surface Pro, then use that. If you love a desktop and Windows, then use those. In learning about Tech and the combination of software and hardware, there is no best answer. There’s the answer that works for you. And I think that in teacher’s lives, sometimes that’s all we can hope for. The status quo. There’s a lot of other things to consider: grading, duty schedules, parent emails/meetings/phone calls, IPPs, lesson plans, curriculum mapping, meetings, actual teaching, lesson prep, etc.


I these challenges have also reminded me to take risks. To try something new. To experiment. Tell the kids you’re trying it. Tell them it might fail. Be open to everyone. Teachers, as well as being busy and keeping the status quo going, also forget to push themselves sometimes. We forget that we have to upskill ourselves all the time. That’s more than just downloading and trying Snapchat because “the kids use it.” It’s learning the tools, it’s figuring out what they can and can’t do, so that we can relay that information to our students. It’s not about knowing everything about Tech, it’s about being open for change and new things. If we can model that, I think we’ve succeeded with our students.

And with that, folks, the #iPadProDecemberChallenge is officially complete.

Welcome to 2018.


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