Google Ninja

As part of my ongoing personal Professional Development Plan, I’ve signed up to be a Google Ninja this year. It’s a pretty exciting series of trainings where I’ll get pushed to learn more about the Google for Education ecosystem as well as get certified as a Google Educator (Level 1 and 2, hopefully). We’ve already met once as a cohort across our district, and we’ll be meeting up again for some great training.

Part of what we will be doing it so take part in a Chromebook challenge. We’ve been given Chromebooks to use for the school year, and our goal is to try and use them exclusively for 30 days for school. The former Tech Coach at my school, @MrFiliplic, is also on the same challenge, and for both of us it definitely WILL be a challenge. I’ve been tied to my MacBookPro for years now. I first got a MBP in 2009, and I haven’t looked back since. It will be a hard transition for me to make, but I’m willing to give it a try. The biggest benefit will be to have something that actually ISN’T my personal device for school work–I’m very used to always having my own computer to do “real” work on the go when I’m at school. Though it’s just a Chromebook, I feel that I’ll be able to leave my personal computer at home.

The Chromebook comes in a few days. Once it does, I’ll post more about my first impressions.