Social Studies 9

Social Studies classes use Google Classroom and other learning resource tools such as Microsoft Teams to help provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for our students. Students can access class materials through their class Microsoft Team or Google Classroom with their ECSD username and password.

Social 9 Videos

(Note: The are in the process of being created. Please check regularly to see if more have been added.)

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Chapter 1 Videos: Government and Representation

CH1 Part 1–Political Structure of Canada

Chapter 2 Videos: The Justice System

Chapter 3 Videos: Individual Rights

CH3 Part 1: What is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
CH3 Part 2: The Charter in a Changing Society

Chapter 4 Videos: Collective Rights

Chapter 5 Videos: Immigration

Chapter 6 Videos: Economic Systems in Canada and the US

Chapter 7 Videos: Consumerism

Chapter 7 Part 3

Chapter 8 Videos: Social Services and Political Parties

Social Programs! We love them!
Taxes! We don’t love them. But we love what they get us.
Political Parties and their Platforms: Which party in Canada best suits what YOU want?

Chapter 9 Videos: Political and Economic Choices to Benefit Canadians