Loading in 3…2…1… #SchoolTechChallenge

Hello everyone! As you know last year I wrote about two different challenges on this blog: my #30DayChromebookChallenge and my #iPadProDecemberChallenge. This year, I’m part of a Microsoft Innovators group with my district (shoutout to @CMcKee27), and we were given Lenovo 300e Windows 10 laptops. @MrFiliplic and I decided to try another challenge, so here we are.

See MrFiliplic’s blog post HERE.

In his post, Filiplic discusses the fact that he’s used Windows for years, and is already pretty familiar with it. I suppose he is right. So to actually make the challenge more of a challenge for himself, and I guess for me, he has called the challenge the #SchoolTechChallenge. Because really, it’s not about the tools we use, necessarily (though everything is better on a Mac), but it is about how we implement them with our students. So I’ll follow his lead (as always) and try to make the challenge about using all the tech I can to help kids. Sometimes, that might mean new tools that will make learning a little messy. Sometimes, it will be using tried and true old tricks, and very “low-tech” solutions. So be it. What’s the best tool to accomplish the task at hand? That’s what I’ll try to explore.

Follow along with me! I’ll be writing my blogs on my new Lenovo to get myself back into the Windows ecosystem a bit more. My video production and audio work for school will still be done on my Mac, simply because that’s where I’ve set up my workflows. I know that Windows can handle these tasks, with such supports as Adobe’s Creative Suite, but I’m not buying new systems just to do them on this computer.

So yes–follow along, offer suggestions, and let’s see where things lead!



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