Almost Everything

Well, I’ve been following the #30DayChromebookChallenge, and I’ve done nearly all my work on the CB for school. The one big snag I’m hitting is the fact that our gradebook system doesn’t run online, and I need a specific program for it. Thus, I can only run that program on my desktop or my MacBook Pro. For those heavy lifting items, I still need something beyond the CB.

In the past few days, I’ve done more grading through Google Classroom on it, and using it with Google Docs is pretty slick. Not a dream–nothing on the CB is a dream, per se–but it worked well and did everything I needed. As @MrFiliplic said in his posts, when the Chromebook is working in the Google Ecosystem, it shines.

In our school, we’ve confidently ordered a big set of Chromebooks for student use, and just today I ordered a few more for use on an individual basis. So for recommendations so far? Yes–if used for school. Perhaps these aren’t for people that need to do “real” work on a computer–they’re just too light. But if everything is done online, it’s a nice, cheap, decent machine.

An issue came up today with a new student, and trying to set up translation help for him on a CB. We found it to be a bit cumbersome, and there wasn’t a great way immediately that we found that helped us out. But with a few more app extension experiments, I’m pretty confident we can find a good solution.

So overall–it does everything I need it to. Well, almost everything. And that’s enough for now.


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